We have puppies born October 15th .  We have 3 male puppies available at this time.  We are selling these remaining male puppies for $500.   Pickup or shipping should be arranged for to occur when puppies are 8 weeks of age.  Pickup or shipping is the responsibility of the buyer.

We have a hog hunting business in west Texas and will deliver puppies along our route from Iowa, through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and North Texas if puppies are ready to adopt during our winter hunting season.  We try to have our puppies born in the fall and ready to rehome to coincide with our hunting season travels.

For your convenience we have a PayPal account set up to receive your payment.  PayPal payments are subject to a 3.0% additional fee on any payment made through this service.  PayPal payments should be paid to our address  john@mulecreek.co

Regular mail payment by personal check for deposits may also be sent to:

John Berger

303 NE 70th Ave 

Ankeny, Iowa   50023


We use Jagdterriers for blood tracking wounded hogs on our hog hunts in Texas.  These little dogs have a keen nose and a high prey drive.  They hunt.  Our experience is that if the hog is dead we will find it.   If the hog is not mortally wounded these dogs are quite capable bay dogs and will frequently bay up wounded hogs that can be retrieved.  Our Jagdterriers are out of Serbian Import bloodlines with European FCI registration, German Hunting Terrier Registry, AKC and UKC registries.    Rather than try to maintain and cross register all of these dogs in separate registries we do register the litters in the National Kennel Club registry. Jagdterrier puppies available when our schedule permits.  We have had a total of only 7 litters of puppies since obtaining our first dog in 2009,  litters of puppies have not been available every year from our kennel.  Our puppies are whelped and raised in our home.

Primary Lens Luxation

Jagdterriers can be affected with an eye disease, Primary Lens Luxation (PLL).  This is a genetic trait and there is a DNA test for this disease.  Two copies of the gene will have a high probability of developing blindness.   Dogs with one copy of the gene are carriers of the trait but do not express the disease.  Dogs with no copies of the gene are disease free and cannot have puppies with the disease.  Every one of our dogs have been DNA tested for this condition.  Gus and most of our females are disease free.  Mandy and Jaeger are carriers.  Breeding a disease free dog to any other dog will not produce any positive testing puppies.  We will not breed any dogs that are carriers to each other and all of our puppies will not develop blindness from PLL.  All terriers should be tested for this condition prior to any planned breeding