Mule Creek Outfitting

An unforgettable experience

We offer a small uncrowded hunting camp operation with personal attention to the details to make your stay with us a memorable and enjoyable experience.  We strive to provide our guests with courteous service, relaxed atmosphere, and a trophy hunt of a lifetime.  We operate a clean camp and have been commended by the Forest Service for this.  We have experienced mountain horses and mules and top quality equipment to work with. We can guarantee that you will have great food and plenty of it. These are the few things we can control and we will do our best to keep you fueled up and ready to hunt and a good dependable mount available for you to ride.   Lastly we guarantee that we will give you 100% effort in providing you with the best hunt you can have.  We hope that we can help you on your next western hunt.


We look forward to hearing from you