Grizzly Bears + Wolves

The wolf and the grizzly bear are factors in big game hunting in Northwest Wyoming. Big game population declines have been noted in some areas surrounding Yellowstone and the Tetons and this may be a concern to hunters wishing to go on an elk hunt in Northwest Wyoming. We do have a few wolves west of Pinedale in the northern Wyoming Range and while these animals do not add any particular benefit to our game populations the wolves have not yet been a notable detriment to big game recruitment in our hunting areas. There are areas in Wyoming that have had big game populations impacted more adversely than others. While some outfitters have doubtlessly suffered from the impact of the wolf, we have been blessed by control measures taken to control wolf populations in our area and our Elk and Mule Deer populations are at very high levels. We also benefit by having 4 elk feed grounds within our hunting areas; elk 92, 84, 86 and 87 and this keeps elk in our area all year long with no migration. We are within the southern most edge of the Grizzly Bear's range.

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Grizzly Bear Update

The pine beetles have killed large tracts of the White Bark Pine in Yellowstone.  The pine cone of the White Bark Pine is a staple food for the grizzly bear and the bears have had to leave the park to find food.  We have more White Bark Pine trees than just about anywhere else in Wyoming and this is bound to attract some bears.   Several grizzly bears have been seen on our mountain hunting area.  We have to run a very clean camp keeping horse feed and groceries to the neccessary minimum,  and pack out killed game and trash immediately.  For your added safety we run a 15,000 volt electric fence around camp to encircle all of the sleeping tents, dining and tack tents.  A form of bear deterrent is essential when walking around in this area and we have plenty of bear spray and heavy caliber firearms in camp.  Picture below was taken June 2013.  Yes, we still have some grizz.

More Info...

For the latest information on game numbers in our hunting area you can contact the South Jackson district Wyoming Game and Fish Wildlife Biologist, Gary Fralick, at the Jackson Regional Office, 420 North Cache, Jackson Wyoming 83001  phone (307) 883-2998. 

 For more information about wolves in our area you can contact Mike Jimenez.  Mike is the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Wyoming wolf recovery coordinator.  He can be reached at (307) 330-5631



These pictures below were forwarded to me by a friend.  Allegedly these images were taken just a ways west of our operations in the Wyoming range, near Challis Idaho.  Wolf weighed around 125-130 pounds, not a giant but still big enough.  It would take a lot of elk to feed a pack of 10-12 of these things.